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Griffith park hiking route's are stretched over ten miles. It is impossible to visit every corner of this breathtaking views in one day.
Horseback riding in griffith park will ease the uphill travel while you enjoy the magnificent views around you, and it'll help you cover the most of the park in one day. Horse trailThere are few horse rentals around griffith park. Griffith park horse rentals located at
480 Riverside Dr.
Burbank, CA 91506

Horse rentals are priced dissent and can be around $25 an hour. One hour wouldn't cover the uphill so you'd probably want to take at least two hours.
Since most of horse rentals stations close before sunset, you might want to start your journey before noon in case you find it hard to go back after experiencing the beauty of griffith park half way and you want to stick around for more.

 Burbank CA Horseback riding rentals can be private, semi-private. Enjoying the park with your family is even more pleasant. The minimum age requirement would 6.
Most of the horses are really well trained. They are used to a slow long walk in appose to running the whole distance, and that makes it suitable for children.
Of course children have to take few extra precautions required by the rentals stations, but it doesn't decrease the value of your enjoyment.

Griffith park has horse riding trails and routes that can take you up all the way to the top from where you'll be able to see the hollywood sign.  bench There are other destinations that gives you a unique experience other then viewing the sign.
One of the most famous trails is to the mexican restaurant. It is an unique experience. A family trip on horse to a restaurant is something that kids will remember for a long while.
Our least expensive but most exciting suggestion would be take the horse to Amir's Garden ...


Amir's Garden

Amir was an Iranian immigrant.
He voluntarily planted the flowers and was said to carry waters by buckets to the top the hill every day seven days a week to irrigate these plants.


Hiking in Griffith park is fun and exciting. You can go hiking once a month and not pass the same route twice a year.


There are vast variety of flowers in Griffith park. During the spring, Up on the griffith park's mountains, hiking routes become yellow by the eggressive flower invasion